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General Information:

The offices of Foster & Schmalkuche are located on Rt. 44/55 between Rt. 32 on the east and Rt. 208 on the west.  The office is an old farmhouse set back off the road on the north side of the street.  There is a large white sign in front of the entrance.  The house number is #2135.



Directions  from the north (Kingston and surrounding areas):

Take the New York State Thruway (87) south to exit 18 (New Paltz). After going through the tollbooth and exit ramp, turn left onto Rt. 299. Continue traveling on Rt. 299 until you come to Rt. 32. Turn left onto Rt. 32 and travel about 10 minutes until you reach Rt. 44/55. Turn right onto 44/55 and see General Information above.



Directions from New Paltz:

Take either Rt. 208 south or Rt. 32 south to Rt. 44/55. See General Information above.



Directions from the northeast (Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas):

Take Rt. 44/55 west across the Mid-Hudson Bridge. Continue on 44/55 for about 20 minutes. You will cross Rt. 32. See General Information above. 



Directions if traveling from the southeast (Beacon, Fishkill, Newburgh and surrounding areas):

Take the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge if traveling from east of the Hudson River (Rt. 84).    Take exit 10 off of Rt. 84 to Rt. 32 North. Continue on Rt. 32 North for 15 minutes until you reach Rt. 44/55. Turn left and follow the General Information above. 



Directions from the south (Montgomery, Walden and Wallkill areas):

Take Rt. 208 north for about 10-20 minutes until you reach Rt. 44/55. Turn right and follow the General Information above.



Directions from the west (Rt. 209):

Head either north or south on Rt. 209 to get to Rt. 44/55 heading east. The office is located on Rt. 44/55 soon after you cross Rt. 208. See General Information above.



Traveling from the south - heading north on the Thruway:

Exit 17 off the Thruway (Newburgh). Follow signs for Rt. 300 north to Rt. 32 north to Rt. 44/55. Make a left.

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